Emission Monitoring Systems since 1984

30 years of MRU = 30 years of Emission Monitoring Systems = 30 years of family ownership = A reason to celebrate?

Is it worth it to reminisce in memories rather than looking ahead?

On the occasion of our 30th company anniversary it pays to do both.

Founded on 1st, June 1984 with just 2 employees MRU developed into a nationally as well as internationally respected enterprise. At its headquarters in Neckarsulm - Obereisesheim, Germany, MRU develops, produces and sells Emission Monitoring Systems for portable and stationary use all around the world, employing appr. 100 people.

The rapid development, which MRU underwent in the past 30 years, could not be anticipated by anyone 30 years ago. “Environmental Protection” by far did not have the significance it has today. Very few had any idea of how important that aspect would become 30 years later. Business success solely was based on saving energy. Just a few turns with a screwdriver, meaning to reduce combustion air and thus improving combustion efficiency convinced the operating companies of large furnaces to such an extent that they would place orders even while the Analyzing Systems were still being demonstrated on site.

1st, October 1988 the German 1.BImSchV (Small Combustion Plant Directive) came into effect, which entitled the chimney sweepers to carry out emission measurements at small combustion plants. The demand for flue gas measuring units multiplied almost overnight. Industrial systems, which were basis of the founding-idea, lost importance in the market. A new generation of measuring units had to be developed.

A worldwide revision of opinions began. The German laws “TA-Luft” and 1.BImSchV many times served as guidelines in that process. However, the driving power was not always the intent of environmental protection rather than saving energy. New markets grew. New analyzers, often tailored to country - specific requirements, were developed.

Continuous innovation still today is the source for the success of MRU.

MRU Emission Monitoring Systems are being exported in more than 70 countries worldwide. From a quite small beginning, our company developed into a medium-sized, globally acting and very successful enterprise.