Climatic Test Instruments

Climatic Test Instruments

Delta OHM (Italy) is not like any ordinary manufacturer of testers and meters. Delta OHM instruments are high quality from a first class European manufacturer with 2 years warranty and state-of-art calibration features, reliable and precise. Delta OHM’s metrological laboratories are recognised and accredited CALIBRATION CENTER ACCREDIA LAT N°124 for Temperature, Humidity, Pressure, Air speed, Acoustics, and Photo/Radiometry, which meet requirements of EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 .

Delta OHM was founded more than 30 years ago and had gradually progressed in the field of design and construction of measuring instruments. Today its products are exported in more than 60 countries and are appreciated for their quality and reliability. Delta OHM manufactures portable instruments and industrial transmitters for physical quantities:

  • Temperature and Relative humidity Transmitters  
  • Dew Point Meter
  • Pressure (Barometric, Absolute, Relative, Differential)
  • Air speed and Flow
  • Photo-Radiometry
  • Sound level, Acoustic sources and Human vibration
  • Water Analysis (pH, conductivity, dissolved oxygen)
  • Weather Stations and Meteorological Sensors (Wind sensors, Temp/RH/Baro Pressure, Rain, Solar Radiation, Sunshine duration, etc. with data loggers)
  • Data Loggers and Multi-function meters
  • Building and Workplace climatic meters and loggers

and last but not least:

  • Wireless transmitters to monitor Temperature, Relative Humidity, Barometric Pressure, Ambient CO and CO2 and more in clean rooms, laboratories, Greenhouses and Agriculture, Food production and transport and any climatic condition monitoring application, 300m transmitting range and up to 255 sensors in a network!